Intellectual Property

Here you can find everything we can do for you and for all you have created, or is about to create, and which belongs to you by right.


  • Building possible scenarios to analyze the registrability of a brand, filing applications to register a brand, inspection of royalty payments, elaboration of complaints, appeals, invalidation of judicial and administrative acts, licensing contracts in Brazil and other countries.
  • Advisory for design review or creation of brands and visual identities (institutional and for products), sub-brands and packaging regarding legal requirements and its usage.


  • Strategic planning of patent´s portfolio with filing patent applications and utility models. This service also applies to new and complex situations and technologies, in order to avoid litigations.
  • Legal advice for products and technologies since the early phase of development, protecting inventions and innovations; business strategies and licensing for industrial property.
  • Consulting to avoid patent related offenses, management and mediation of negotiations or renegotiation of royalties’ payment.

Industrial Design

Research for further registrations, filing applications, search for classes, inspection and controlling, payment of maintenance fees, invalidation of administrative acts and other procedures in Brazil and in other countries.


  • For the pharmaceutical industry and biotechnology, services of licensing and strategic cooperation, company framing, debt and equity finances, mergers and acquisitions, elaboration and filing applications and patent related disputes.
  • Administrative litigation in federal organs such as CNBS (National Biosafety Council), CTNBio (National Biosafety Technical Committee), IBAMA (Brazilian Institute of Environment), SNPC (National System of Credit Protection), INPI (National Institute of Industrial Property), concerning consulting, contracts, judicial litigation regarding biodiversity, genetic engineering and biolaw.

Geographical Indication and Certification

Advisory for designation of origin, securing names of geographical indications, collective marks or certification.

Technology Prospecting

Evaluation of the patentability of the technology and its risks, assessing the state of the art backgrounds and asserting its novelty and inventive features. By analyzing an overall perspective of the scenario and based on its results, we can proceed to filing the patent´s application.

Worldwide Monitoring

Controlling the application status of patents, brands and industrial design registrations by checking ongoing processes and granted registrations.

Intellectual Property Risk Factors

Advisory to investors for stablishing an accurate value of the intellectual property in order to avoid unnecessary risks.

Assessment of Intangible Assets

Solid and qualified evaluation of brands, patents, industrial designs and copyrights.